I am a mother, wife, early childhood teacher, lifelong student, artist, photographer, poet, blogger, epicurean, outdoor adventurer, organic gardener. I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to colourful, beautiful, shiny things.  I love a bit of quirk to add spice to my life.

Originally from the small town of Empangeni in the heart of Zululand, South Africa.  I have called Aotearoa (land of the long white cloud) New Zealand home for the last 20 years.  Until recently I lived in suburban Auckland with hubby, Wayne, our three beautiful daughters, two french bulldogs and a cat furbabies.

In October 2017, we as a family decided to make a lifestyle change and sell up our lives in Auckland and move to a lifestyle block in rural Whangarei, Northland. This move represents so much more to us than just an address change. We will be changing from a house on 600m2 to a house on 7 hectares of land (which is bound to be a huge learning adventure). We leaving behind our high earning Auckland jobs and a business. But we will also be leaving behind: stress, the dull rat race of city living,surviving, playing it safe, being like everyone else, regret, settling for less, fear, disconnection from each other.

Instead we will be embracing: connectedness with each other, going for our dreams, exploring new things and embracing the unknown, choosing happiness, fulfillment, living without limits and fear, getting the most out of life and abundance.

The meaning behind the name Five Tables Living:

Our family has always enjoyed wide open spaces and the legacy and freedom of owning a big piece of land has been a longtime dream for us.  When we sat down with our girls to explain the reasons why we wanted to move, we were sitting around a large outdoor table.  Wayne told the girls, holding a cup, “you see this cup? This is how much land we have.  If we move we can have five tables worth” The name has stuck with us ever since, but as I have reflected on the name “Five Tables” it has become far more than just a metaphor for land ownership. If I look at our little restricted Auckland lives doing the same old thing everyday, getting by and living past each other, buckled down by stress and business I see it as a metaphor for our lives, our relationships the the glorious, multitude of possibilities that await us. To me Five Tables now represents a bigger, fuller, more colourful, abundant life of joy, love and freedom.


Here is to not settling

Here is to living an abundant life full of love, joy, freedom and leaving an amazing legacy.

Here is to living the Five Tables life.

This is our journey, hopefully you will join us on this journey and the value we add to our lives will add value to your life too.


“Once you become fearless, life is limitless”