Well I Wasn’t Expecting That! – Realigning Your Expectations With Reality

As some of you may know, our family has just made an epic move from suburban Auckland  to rural Whangarei in sunny Northland.  It has been just under a month since I relocated here and I am quickly learning  lessons in Expectations vs Reality.

These lessons started early on when we arrived at our new house ready to move in.  Only to find out that our painter/decorator had not even started the job that he should have finished!

Our Expectation:

Our Reality:

The Divide Expectations vs Reality

I remember reading an article about how all disappointment and dissatisfaction in life stems from an unfulfilled expectation.

What disrupts us emotionally is an unfulfilled expectation of how things are supposed to be.

As you may have gathered there was a huge divide between our expectations and what was happening in reality.

For a while we felt a bit like this:

We are extremely blessed to have many amazing people in our support network .  My phenomenal Dad, did not hesitate to get in his car and drive 6 hours to spend a week and a half painting our house for us.  This amazing man who at nearly 70 puts most of us 30 and 40 year olds to shame, was our knight in shining armour.  He, out of  love did us a favour that we can never repay and will be forever grateful for.

We all did our bit to help and upskill as wallpaper strippers/painters, and we managed to get the job done. We finally moved into our house 3 weeks after moving day.  Although we still have lots of boxes and furniture to unpack we are extremely grateful to have bedrooms to sleep in and a functioning kitchen to cook meals in.

What Have I Learnt From This Experience?

  • Are my expectations realistic and obtainable?  I have learnt the hard way during this move that I may need to realign my expectations and have patience.  I need to slow down, have faith and trust that everything is running right on schedule.
  • Just how important the people are in my life.  Wayne, the girls and myself have learnt just how important it is to lean on each other and to support each other.  Thank heaven for my Dad and his sacrifice to help us out in our time of need.  All the words and messages of support from our family and friends have meant the world to us.
  • Distance yourself from negativity.  When things are not going as you think that they should be it is important not to go to the dark side of negativity.  Stay positive, there is always something to be grateful for.
  • Practise self-care and pay attention to your personal boundaries.  When things go a bit pear-shaped self-care is usually one of the first things to go out of the window for me.  I realise now that I need be compassionate towards myself and treat myself with more kindness.  Taking time out go for walks, spend time as a family and being creative provide precious fuel to energise me for the next step in the journey.
  • Celebrate the things that we have achieved. When you get caught up in the drama of what is happening you lose sight of all the little achievements along the way.  

It is important to remember why we made the move.

All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and so beautiful at the end – Robin Sharma

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Expectations vs Reality - Aligning your expectations with reality.
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